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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Future with Dhimmitude

This post is inspired by Dhimmi Watch of today: dhimmiwatch

Picture if you will a future date (perhaps less than a year) where a speech is being given that states:

"Today we incorporate the Dhimma into our laws, superseding our own. Since you are all Liberals and Democrats [aka Dhimmi-crats], I expect that you will jump for joy when I am finished. Be warned though, that any outward sign of your existence and the fact that you are not Muslim, is enough to get you killed."

{The guards at the side smirck as though they know what's coming.}

"I conclude now that we have Dhimmi laws and that this land should be called *Dhimmiland*."

Of course a huge roar of support comes from the Liberals followed almost instantaneously by gun shots from machine guns. After a momentary silence (~0.5 secs), people start screaming out of fear and children start crying. Yet more gun shots ring out. When the guards come closer they pull out their razor-sharp knives and start cutting throats and beheading the people.

After a few minutes of this, nobody is left alive except for the speaker (me) and some of the other officials standing on the riser to my side. I'm so terrified of the killing that just happened that I let out a wobbly breath and I hear an immediate gun shot. Alas, but I too am now dead.


Please note that this is fiction. I made it up right now I was so mad. If you don't want to turn into some Islamic turn of Disneyland, do something now. The Dhimmiland is of course a reference to Canada and the Liberals to the current gov't who are killing us all.


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